Can Laptop Run Without Battery?

Hey, guys hope you doing great in these hard times as I am writing this article while quarantined myself on 30 March 2020, So I thought about some idea on writing some article and then I see my neighbor who just got stuck because of his laptop.

His laptop keeping getting hot and turn on only for 5 to 10 minutes and then because of overheating his laptop keep shut down and that moment he went so angry on his laptop and try to dumb it.

But as I was looking at his struggle I call him and told him some tricks to get rid out of his problem.

I told him to use some cooling pad, he tried but nothing happened. then suggest him to increase the height of the laptop, nothing happened, even suggest him to install some software to eliminate the overheating problem, you might wonder why I am suggesting him to use tricks like that because I thought that main problem in his laptop is overheating.

But then he tells me that while overheating, the laptop also disconnecting and not charging at all, then I get to know that the main problem is laptop battery, he asks me can laptop run without battery?

Can laptop run without battery?

can you use a laptop without a battery

So I told him yes you can run your laptop without the battery, because if your laptop is overheating or show disconnect battery and keep shutting down so you can use the laptop without a battery but only applied to those laptops that have a removable battery. So I told my neighbor to remove the battery and try again, he is happy now.

Reason to run the laptop without the battery

So the main reason to run a laptop without a battery will be as:

  1. The laptop keeps shutting down for no reason.
  2. The laptop keeps overheating after using methods to cooling down a laptop.
  3. Overvoltage damage the laptop battery.
  4. The laptop shows a notification that the battery is not available for use.
no battery


Will using a laptop without a battery so you should be aware of some precautions that you have to keep in mind.

While using a laptop without a battery never ever remove a power cord directly as it not only damages your laptop life but also creates an impact on the motherboard like a hammer, because there is no support that holds or stabilized the laptop. It is more like using a desktop pc like UPS.

Always use an original power charger that comes with a laptop because on the original charger there is some special component that acts as a stabilizer so fluctuations in the voltage will not affect your laptop.

DO NOT DARE TO TOUCH THE EXPOSED BATTERY CONTACTS, while using a laptop without battery do not touch the battery terminals on a laptop or keep away from any wet surface it will create a spark or maybe cause a fire, and cause some serious accident.

Which cause your battery to become dead

can you use a laptop without a battery

Well, there are a couple of factors that can cause your battery to become dead.

Using a laptop while charging: Well on the user manual you might notice some precautions to maintain your laptop and its battery life, the first precaution is not to use a laptop while charging it will affect the battery and laptop.

using laptop while charging

Overheating: Overheating can be the reason that can cause the battery to become dead because when the laptop becomes overheat it transfer some heat to the battery as a laptop battery is made up of Lithium-ion so it will cause the battery life


Using a laptop without rest: Using a laptop all day long while charging and without charging it will affect battery life so keep in mind to give some rest to the laptop and to your self.

all day long


So the final conclusion is that yes you can easily run your laptop without having the main battery but it will only be applied to those laptops that have a removable battery actually every laptop has a removable battery but I am talking about the externally removable battery. But you have to be aware of some precautions that I told you in the above section of the article. There are some Frequently Ask Questions by you guys.

  1. Can a laptop run without battery

    Yes you can easily run a laptop without using an actual battery by connecting your laptop to the original power adaptor

  2. Using laptop without battery good or bad

    Using a laptop without battery for the short term is not bad at all but for long term, it will affect your laptop life.

  3. Can i use my laptop with a dead battery

    Yes or No using a laptop with dead battery is the same as using without battery.

  4. Is it safe to run a laptop without a battery?

    For short term it will not affect you laptop from a single side but using laptop long term will cause laptop live.

  5. How much does it cost to change battery?

    Well according to me laptop battery price is 5 or 7 percent of the whole laptop price so you can calculate that according to your laptop price.

  6. How much does it cost to repair battery

    Repairing a battery will some around cheaper than changing the battery but i suggest you to change the entire battery and not to repair it.

Thank You